Introducing Bryony...

Welcome to my teeny tiny, but extra super special, corner of the internet! 
My name is Bryony Elizabeth Selway, a 22 year old rainbow obsessed fashionista that rarely blends into the crowd. Still a child at heart, i adore glitter, sequins and My Little Pony is my not-so-secret obsession!

I currently study BA(Hons) Fashion Atelier at UCA Rochester, with the aim to spend the rest of my days making beautiful colourful clothing for people that love fashion as much as i do. 

'About Me' pages always make me feel a little tense, like what exactly do people want to know about me? Well, i dug up an old post from my archives that i thought (with a few updated tweaks) would be random yet relevant for such a page!

Introducing.. 15 Facts about Bryony!

1. I am Dairy intolerant. This means i can't eat anything with cow's milk in - yes that includes chocolate! *sob*

2.I have a secret passion for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Can't decide if i prefer Fluttershy or Rarity! #ponyproblems. Go watch it on Youtube - i DARE you. 

3. I can often be found eating Party Rings or Rainbow Drops. I don't share food. I CANNOT share food.

4.I wanted to be a Vet or a Surgeon up until i realised that Science at A Level was really hard. 

5.A good way to tell if i am upset/ill/down in any way is if i'm not wearing lipstick. Well its either that or it just simply DOESNT go with the outfit! 

6.I despise Uggs, Crocs and anything from Pauls Boutique.

7.I definitely spend more money per month that i actually earn.

8.I have a phobia of tomato ketchup. *vomits on screen*

9. I am into Heavy Metal and Rock music, despite my contrasting persona!

10.Creepy crawlies and dirt don't scare me - I'm a proper country girl!

11.I grew up in a tiny village in Somerset

12.I bite my nails

13.I ran the Bristol Half Marathon in 2011 in 2 hours and 53 minutes! 

14.I'm allergic to exercise unless you count Dad Dancing - i'll never say no to a little old school boogie!

15.There is a lot about me that i don't share with most people, i tend to bag it up until it overflows which always ends badly. Therefore i try my hardest to never judge people until i have walked in their shoes - you never know what is really going on behind closed doors or behind their exterior persona.

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