Thursday, 21 April 2016

Too Sassy For You

Top / M&S // Skirt / Depop // Jacket / Vintage // Sequin Cape / ASOS // Boots / Daisy Street @ ASOS

Felt so fabulous traipsing around Cribbs Causeway in this getup. You know those days when everything is going right and you feel like you have perfectly expressed your inner self with your outfit choice? Yeah, i was totes having one of those days! I need to wear more sequins, they have this way of transporting me to a happier place and making me feel like the ruddy Queen of England!

Cute little space boots huh?! Daisy Street at ASOS (link above) created this silvery beauties that i instantly bought and have been wearing ever since they arrive a couple of weeks ago! They are great transitional shoes, i have found, as i can go bare legged without feeling too exposed - perfect! And ASOS again made my heart skip a beat when i found the sequin cape in the New In section. Its subtle enough to not be all 'festival chic' but statement enough to be worn as an eye-catching neckpiece, as i have demonstrated here!

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