Saturday, 26 March 2016

NEENAAW Hot Boots Alert...!

My ASOS addiction is getting a little bit out of hand. How can i tell? Well my daily browsing of the new in section has led to me being able to spot someone wearing ASOS from a mile off. Oh, and i own most of it too by now. That pom pom jacket? Not yet in the wardrobe but it is in the 'saved basket', so lets be honest, it won't be long.

Yesterday, my heart quite literally jumped when i spotted the most perfect pair of boots i have ever laid eyes on. Think 'Sassy Space Cowboy'. Take a look...

ASOS / £45 // available here

Aren't they just the coolest? There is also a black version for the more subtle and sophisticated types out there.
I'm struggling to justify buying them, considering i will be spending the next 3 months in India, but like surely i can't let these slip on by? 
*continue to checkout*
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Keep Sparklin'

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