Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What I Won't Be Wearing // Chokers

As my mum says, if you remember it the first time round, you shouldn't be wearing it the second. This is something i firmly believe in, unless we are talking Smartie-print Dr Martens because i am ALL OVER THAT SH*T.

Much to my dismay, the choker is back. When i think of a choker, it evokes images of dogs with collars, sex slaves and children's parties when you would get the plastic 'tattoo' chokers from special vending machines. None of those are things i want to be associated with now i am in my twenties. Though in many ways i do wish i could still be my choker-wearing 6 year old self! 

I think that is probably my only issue with chokers, because they are not PARTICULARLY offensive to the eye. Except for the ridiculous inch-thick velvet ones with victoriana-style embellishment. They are simply a crime to fashion. 
Though i do have a theory that chokers visually cut your neck in half, consequently making it look shorter and less elegant. I have a giraffe neck so that wouldn't be such an issue for myself, except i think i would draw attention to my multitude of chins. Never pretty. 

So no, i will never be seen wearing a choker.

p.s. please do not take offence to this post, this is a personal opinion for why I would not be wearing this item, and in no way reflects my opinion on how they look on other people. Wear what you like, screw the haters! 

What are your thoughts on the new choker craze?




  1. I just peed myself reading this because I so agree with what you say. I was shocked when people started wearing these things again! I mean i guess it's ok if you're going for the 90's look but.... At the end if the day top shop are charging £8 or something close for a piece of crappy plastic. I can't really argue tho because my fashion doesn't go much further than jeans and a flowery top. However even when I was a child and these came in vending machines I didn't wear the chokers, only the bracelets as the chokers were literally horrible. And a wrist tattoo is way cooler than a neck one right? So yeah, I defiantly agree with your opinion! Xx

  2. I think their hideous! I would never be seen dead with one quite frankly, I don't get the trend AT ALL.

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