Saturday, 6 September 2014

Welcome Back, Bryony

Well today is that day that i finally decided to do something about my blog, after months of ignoring it and putting it off. It probably helps that i am currently bed-bound with severe bacterial tonsillitis and consequently missing THE wedding of 2014. So rather than moan about how i am virtually unable to move and haven't eaten in days, i thought it was about time i sorted out my virtual life. 
And Voila!
What do you think? 
The physical elements of change in my blog are clearly evident (unless you are new here, in which case, hello and welcome!) showcasing a much more streamlined layout that i think will intice all you lovely readers more! Some tweaks still have to be made here and there, but as a start, i'm chuffed!

I'm starting university at UCA Rochester next week (another change of plans if you are a regular to my blog!) which is both exciting and ridiculously scary! But with the addition of my gorgey new iPad Air, i will try to keep up with my blogging as best i can because it is such a great outlet for ideas, inspirations and just general ramblings! 

This (academic) year is going to be good. I can feel it. I just hope my blog can reflect that to you all!

Like the new look? 



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