Sunday, 7 September 2014

Design Work // My Short Time at Northumbria

I have been saying ever since i began blogging that i really want to be able to share some of my uni work with you, but i've always been a bit embarrassed at the thought! But since i am about to start my new course at a new uni, i wanted to show off some of my best work from my short time studying Fashion Design at Northumbria. 

For this particular project that I am showing you a small part of, the brief was to take 3 separate components, bringing them together to create a 12 outfit collection, 6 womenswear and 6 menswear. I took the word 'envelope', Scottish Highlander's Military Uniform and  last but not least, wire linked fencing. A strange and very difficult combination to work with, which is no surprise! 

I was so proud of myself when handing in this project, it was my first time using programs such as Adobe Illustrator, so it was such a huge learning curve for me. And to my complete surprise i received a huge 90 for this project! (for anyone not familiar with the UK uni grading system, marks are given out of 100. 70+ equals First, 60+ equals 2:1, 50+ equals 2:2 etc etc) It was nice to end my year at Northumbria on a high and to know that it wasn't a complete waste!

p.s. sorry about the watermarks obscuring some of the finer details. I know how careful you have to be with posting work online, no matter how amateurish it is! If you click on the image you can view a bigger and better quality version! 

I hope you enjoyed the insight into my design-life!



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