Monday, 3 March 2014

Vivienne Westwood Cote D'Azur Bag

Cote D'Azur Bag 6510 RED

Vivienne Westwood // Available Here

'Designer Dreams' is a new feature for BELIZABETH! The aim of this feature is to share more high-end items with you all and celebrate the amazing talent of the designers at the higher end of the fashion industry. It is a similar concept to my 'Desire of the Day' feature, but rather than featuring affordable, high street items, i will be doing the opposite! 
I will never own these beautiful items, but its nice to dream eh?!

This Vivienne Westwood bag has been on my mind ever since i spotted in in Selfridges London before the New Year. I love the iridescent effect, it gives it a metallic look whilst the textured surface stops its being tackyl. And browning points for managing to combine my two favourite colours, red and blue! It is some serious arm candy, finished off beautifully with the iconic Westwood logo. It is different and quirky, everything a statement handbag should be!
Love Love Love

Any other designer bags i simple MUST drool over?!



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