Sunday, 9 March 2014

Stila Liquid Lipstick // Amore

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick // amore // available online here // £15

I've never been this eager to write a beauty review before. Yes, this lipstick is THAT good. I already have this lipstick in 'tesoro' (will be uploading a blog post soon!) which i adore, so today i popped into my local boots and picked up 'amore' for a change to my staple red lips. 

Lets start with the lipstick itself. It is a liquid lipstick, which means that it is applied like a lipgloss, but sets with a matte finish of ordinary lipstick. I am now hooked on the liquid lipstick trend. It has such a soft, silky feel on the lips when applied, and because it is a liquid it ensures an even application with no dodgy bits along the lip line. It 'stays all day' as it says in the name, though i often apply a layer of Lipcote to make sure the colour doesn't dull, as i hate to reapply after eating! In fact i often forget i'm wearing any lipstick with this on! 

Now onto the colour. I was expecting a much pinker shade, but am pleasantly surprised with this result. It is a deep plum colour, with strong purple undertones, unlike the Revlon Black Cherry which i think looks very brown. Despite spring steadily charging this way, i intend to wear this lipstick as much as i can. I want to try it with an all white ensemble to create a fresh and dramatic look as this warmer weather is approaching! I also think it would look gorgeous with a bright blush - the contrast of the dark with a beautiful pop of colour has the potential to be very striking! 

// awks instagram selfie from earlier - realised i hadn't photographed the lipstick itself! Sorry! //

A must for any lipstick lover - fancy giving it a try and feeling like a goth-girl for the day?

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