Monday, 10 March 2014

Creative Shirt Brief

This is my final shirt for the 'Creative Shirt' brief at university. As i am sure you are all well aware by now, i study fashion design at university, and this shirt was the outcome of my first construction project at university. 
The aim was to create a 'creative' shirt through the method of moulage, focusing on the draping of the fabric and the way it falls across the curves of the body. This was a concept i was initially very concerned about. Forcing the fabric to do what i envisaged it to do was simply not working for me. That is when i had an epiphany. Inspired by other designer's use of pleats to encourage drape, i adopted this approach. I was left with a relatively simplistic design, with a waterfall-esque fall of fabric that can be seen from the side views. To add a collar and placket to the front of the shirt would have affected the lovely drape created by the front pleats, so decided on a quirky side collar that also proved pain to construct and pattern cut, but was definitely worth it! To balance out the asymmetric collar/placket, i kept the asymmetric theme going with the addition of an ordinary sleeve with a placket and cuff on the right side. 

At the point when i took these photographs, i was feeling very negative about my creation. Since my critique i am feeling much more positive. Here it is being modelled by my beautiful flatmate, Michaela, and unfortunately it is much to big for her, hence the bagginess at the sleeves and shoulder. My other flatmate (seriously what would i do without my living mannequins?!) modelled it for my critique, and it fit her perfectly! Unfortunately i was too nervous and preoccupied to even consider taking a photo of her styled in the shirt, silly me! So i intend to do an updated post with my grade/feedback and a new image of Sarah-Jayne all styled up in my shirt, to give a better idea of how it looked on the day! 

My critique feedback was very positive, which came as a huge surprise! My peers were so kind and supportive so i'm looking forward to finally knowing my official grade - next week hopefully!

 I hope you all keep your fingers crossed for me! 



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