Thursday, 27 February 2014

Limited Edition Sandals for Primark

Limited Edition Primark Sandals

Finally, the shoe post I promised you! I am so head over heels for these Primark beauties. So in love, in fact, that i bought two pairs. And so did my flatmate, Sarah-Jayne. Yeah, we are aware that we have a shopping problem. 

Limited Edition for Primark is well known for having extra-special items that are often of a reasonable quality and follow some of the hottest high street trends. And these shoes definitely do not disappoint! They came in 3 colours: silver/pewter, white and matte black. I snapped up the silver and the white - cheeky!  The silver look fab with tights and barefoot, whilst the white will look beautiful in the summer with a glowing tan. 

Anyone been into Topshop recently? If you have i'm sure you will have seen the huge array of shoes/sandals very similar to these, but boasting price tags of £50+. At £18 a pair at Primark, is there really any competition?

Super comfy and very easy to walk in also, despite the chunky heel. So what are you waiting for? Get down to Primark now, they won't be there forever!!!

Congratulations if you have stayed tuned this far! As a little reward, here are some incredibly unflattering, yet completely hilarious, outtakes of Sarah-Jayne and I modelling our new favourite shoes!

Told you they were cringe!



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  1. lol I love that you have fun in your posts and those shoes are super cute too!
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