Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Blue Denim

Blue Denim

Dress // Topshop
Tights // Primark
Collar // Vintage Lace
Shoes // Primark
Ankle Cuffs // eBay // available here

Happy Post-Valentines!

This Topshop dress is one of my favourites. It is perfect for both summer and winter and looks super adorable teamed with this vintage lace collar! I have found that virtually all colour tights compliment this dress beautifully, so depending on how daring i'm feeling, i choose a colour to match! There are so many denim dresses floating around the high street at this very moment, i suggest you go and buy one pronto darlings! And now lets move onto the shoes. Oh Lordy, those shoes. Primark you did good, lad, you did good. Limited edition and at £18, i couldn't say no. I may have snapped up two pairs but i intend to save that story for a blog post that will be coming very very shortly! So keep your eyes peeled my little fashionistas!

I do RuPaulogise (any Ru Paul's Drag Race fans out there? If you just nodded your head enthusiastically, i like you.) for the lack of post recently - i have been taking outfit photos but writing them up has required time and motivation that i have simply been lacking in over the last couple of weeks! I am hoping to get a more reasonable blogging schedule together soon, after my trip to Paris, I want to bring you a variety of different posts more regularly, as i know that is what this little blog is lacking! Outfit post after outfit post can get boring so i'm working on that my lovelies!

Loving the idea of a denim dress?! What are your high street denim picks of the moment? P.S Anything you'd love to see on my blog? Everything i do, i do for you after all!




  1. Such a gorgeous look, I adore your shoes, I cannot believe they're primark, great find babe, I'm heading to my nearest store ASAP!

    Love your blog, now following :D x

    1. Thanks, they are such a bargain, great dupes of the Topshop ones too! I'm writing a post up about them as we speak! Thanks lovely xo