Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Many Outfits of Bryony 2013 Edition

Well hasn't 2013 been a crazy year! Personally, so much has happened this year! I started this blog in June and began the University chapter of my life! 
I had seen a few other bloggers having a go at this, so i thought i would hop on the bloggy bandwagon! As my blog is still only a baby and i am terribly forgetful, there are not as many outfits as i had envisaged! Its so lovely looking back at my style transformation since June - it also makes me realise just how eclectic my wardrobe really is! 

I also have a little Bloglovin' personal target for 2013, and unfortunately i don't think i am going to make it. Fancy taking me one step closer to my goal and making me a very smiley girl?! 

Which is your favourite outfit? And if you've done this yourself, please do send me a link, I loving looking at all your amazing styles!

Happy New Year!


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