Saturday, 9 November 2013

Glittery Legs

Glitter Leggings

Top // Topshop (very old!)
Leggings // Topshop // available here
Shoes // Topshop
Necklace // Topshop

Okay, so today i am a walking advert for Topshop. Story of my life. 
I adore these glittery leggings because they are so beautiful and sparkly! Most people would reserve these type of garment for party wear only, but being me, i think everyday should be all sparkly and that!
A word of warning with these TOTES AMAZE (ew did i really just type that?!) leggings, they malt glitter. I don't personally mind this, glitter is my favourite thing after all, so a floor that sparkles is dreamy in my eyes. For a neat freak with a hatred for dust in their carpet? Oh no. I have already threatened to wear them when i visit my dad - he wasn't impressed. Yeah, he truly detests glitter. I think 'Satan's Dandruff' was mentioned many, many times. I'd worry that he isn't my paternal father after that, but seeing as growing up i was just a smaller, chubbier version of him, there are no doubts.

Already regretting my choice of shoe for this outfit - downsides of not having someone around in the morning to double check everything looks okay! Maybe the print clash would have been more effective if the colour palette wasn't so similar! But we do learn from our mistakes, eh?!

Feeling very festive all of a sudden now that there is nothing standing between now and Christmas! eeeepp! Fully ready to begin decorating, its a becoming a bit of an obsession! 

How are you getting into the festive spirit? Or is it just too early for you?!



  1. I looove your leggings!! You look great and your hair is gorgeous I lol'ed at "Santa's Dandruff" I never thought of glitter that way before
    Deejay Speaks

    1. thank you sweet!! can't resist a bit of sparkle haha!!