Saturday, 16 November 2013

Glitter Mom Jeans

 Glitter Mom Jeans

Top // TKMaxx
Mom Jeans // Topshop // available here
Shoes // Topshop (through eBay)
Necklace // Birthday Gift
Watch // ICE

Well hello my lovelies and welcome to the freakin' weekend! About time eh?! This week has dragged so much, but alas, i still have lots and lots of coursework to be getting on with! And probably so do you.. naughty naughty! 

I quickly popped into Newcastle town today to grab ANOTHER Whittards Mulled Wine Tea as we ran out and were getting desperate. If you have not tried it yet, you seriously need to. I worship the stuff. It's like christmas magic grounded down into little granules of happiness. Scrum! I wore these new sparkly jeans that i bagged in the Topshop sale - £60ish down to £20, i'd be a fool not to buy! I like how they sort of resemble a reverse mullet... Business in the back, party in the front! I love them. Plus i got loads of looks from strangers! Be them positive or negative looks i don't really care all that much, at least they cared enough to notice eh! And the mom jeans style gave me a bum - i never have a bum! Its a Christmas miracle ha! 
I paired them with my lovely baggy green knit jumper (TKMaxx has some seriously scrum my knitwear at the moment, you'd be a fool not to have a little browse in your local!) and my cherry brogues. Colour clash + sequins is almost more than even i can handle ha! 
I have found that everyone in the North, Newcastle particularly dresses in lots of greys and blacks, so i decided to be the ultimate Southerner and refuse to blend in, hazzar!
Grabbed yourself a Christmas Starbucks yet and taken an obligatory 'Red Cup' photo? No? Oh come on, you have to! My fave is the Gingerbread Latte, Soya of course, but today i risked a Orange Mocha. They forgot the orange syrup so i won't be taking that risk again, ha!

Anyway, enough babbling from me! How would you style these lovely jeans? An whats your Starbucks staple?!



  1. those jeans are amazing! i really like how you've styled them, lovely outfit! Melissa XO

    1. I know right, i just couldn't resist hehe! Thankyou lovely! xo