Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Crown and Glory Rose Headband

Crown and Glory Sophie Glitter Rose Headband in Gold

//images courtesy of Crown and Glory//

Crown and Glory // £25 // available here

I think i have just died and gone to sparkly heaven. This is so me. The urge to just throw my bank card at the screen is too much with this item, darn student budgeting! I think we can all agree that this is a beautiful headband. The floral headband craze is super adorable regardless, so with a gold glittery finish this statement piece of headwear is out of this world. 

For a night out, special occasion, fancy meal or even just to jazz up a simple outfit for a fun day out this would make a perfect addition to any fashionistas wardrobe/jewellery box (where does it go? who knows!)

Crown and Glory have so many other gorgeous handmade headbands on their online shop, please do go have a look because they are seriously beautiful and i promise there will be a perfect one for each of you out there!

What would you wear with this garland of glittery loveliness?!?!



p.s sorry, i feel as passionate about glitter as most new parents do about their children. I'm weird i know. 

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