Tuesday, 12 November 2013

ASOS Metallic Headphones

ASOS Metallic Gold Headphones

//images courtesy of ASOS.com//

ASOS//£18 //available here

£18 for a pair of super stylish headphones? Thats crazy good! 

This year i have fallen in love with online shopping, so where best to browse for hours, than our good old faithful ASOS?
I spotted these whilst gift buying this weekend, and i have sort of (most definitely) fallen in love with them. I have never really had a big proper pair of headphones as they are usually in a garish neon or all gangsta, but these are so pretty! I'd be more than chuffed to wear these in public - the gold is really pretty and softens the statement headphones and the white strap keeps it fresh and feminine. And again, at £18 you really can't go wrong! Putting these on my Christmas list IMMEDIATELY!

What better to play all those epic christmas tuuuunes on?! 




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