Friday, 18 October 2013

"This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween Halloween...

Yes my lovelies, it’s that spooky time of year again! When it is socially acceptable to dress like a prat in public, making a fool out of yourself and the only day of the year where strangers are encouraged to give candy out to children. 
I have always adored halloween. I remember the lengths my dad would go to to scare me out of my skin! Setting fireworks off in various parts of the garden with different fuse lengths to look like witches soaring through the sky, ripped rags and broomsticks soaked in puddles and my personal favourite – burned soft toys imitating a witches cat, melted by the gaze of our many meticulously hand-carved pumpkins standing guard on the windowsill.
A good scare every now and then is good for the soul!
Unfortunately, i have no plans for this Halloween, but i shall put on my scary face and wait for the kids in the village to trick or treat – although i usually end up gobbling it myself.. mwah hahaha >:]
Here are my top tips for a spectacularly spooky Halloween!
1. You can NEVER have too many pumpkins! I find they are so therapeutic to carve and really rewarding when you pop a little tea-light in the middle! Want it to glow beautifully? I suggest using a screwdriver to make lots fo holes all around the back of the pumpkin as well, that way the light comes out of more places creating a creepier glowing effect! And if you can’t be dealing with all the mess of disemboweling a pumpkin, Poundland have some cheap (£1 – duh!) inflatable, and rather cheerful, pumpkin alternatives!
2.If you have kids (i don’t, just to clarify!) make Halloween special!Decorate the house, Have a pumpkin-carving session, tell ghost stories, take it in turns to transform eachother into a ghoulish halloween character using face paints or makeup and finally something i loved as a child, the taste test! Blindfold the victim, make them smell a food that they must then guess. Go round the people doing the same thing. Then a taste test – same concept but taste instead of smell! I always found it scary as i never knew what i was going to be fed, but a good entertaining group activity for a night such as Halloween!
3.Its costume time! As Regina George of Mean Girls would say, Halloween is the day when it is acceptable to dress like a total slut. I disagree. Being scantily dressed and trashy gives EVERYONE the wrong impression, unless you want to look like a prostitute, in which case you are probably giving the correct impression… Anyway, what i’m trying to say is that Halloween is an occasion to go creative and wild with your outfits! Crazy face-makeup and hair combined with a well thought out and original costume is so rewarding as you’ll feel great and really be in the spooky spirit! You don’t even need to spend lots of money, let me explain!
Old bed sheet soaked in tea and ripped in shreds = perfect mummy costume (I’ve tried it, my friend was finding grimy strips of fabric in her house for months hehe!).
Bin bag cut in half, attached round the back of the neck and around each wrist = Vampire bat (with additional cat ears and vampire teeth to finish it off).
Zombie Makeup + shredded fabric attached to clothing = Undead.
Tights stuffed with paper or loo roll attached to the body = Spider! Need i say more?!
Get creative you Creepy creatures!
4.Halloween cannot pass without some creepy cupcakes! Jam and red icing to create an oozing bloody cake that’ll be frightfully tasty! Icing is perfect to create your own designs on cakes – so you have no excuses! Trifle sponges look and awful lot like dismembered fingers too….
So it is all pretty straight forward, but i just had to share my love for Halloween!
This is actually a reblog from my previous blog from last Halloween - i thought it would be rather appropriate! Feeling inspired for all things Halloween? Let me know lovelies!


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