Saturday, 26 October 2013

Tartan & Tent

Tartan and Tent 

Dress // TKMaxx
Shirt // George at ASDA
Necklace // Topshop

It was only after writing this post up that i realised that i wasn't even wearing shoes in these photographs - imagine my gold Dr Martens please ;D

By the time you lovely lot are reading this, i will be back in the beautiful green countryside of Somerset! I'm staying with dad for a few days, which will be a huge shock to the system, going from a bustling concrete city alongside the Tyne to a wooden shack next to Blagdon Lake, overshadowed by the beautiful Mendips! I honestly cannot wait! And i will get to see my beautiful, yet slightly irritating, doglets too - i hope they missed me as much as i missed them (unlikely). I had to fly home, and stupidly only booked hand luggage. I'm sure all of you will appreciate the stupidity of the situation, considering i had to pack enough belongings (i.e. ALL MY CLOTHES) for an entire week at home. I have narrowed it down to a few items that i'm hoping i can mix and match - at least i'll have free reign on the washing machine at home haha! And not to mention having to bring coursework home too! It's a tight squeeze thats for sure!

But anyway, back to the matter at hand! I felt a bit experimental when i plucked these garments from my wardrobe this morning. i love this dress, but i felt it needed something extra like colour or print. I usually pair it with coloured tights, but being a risk taker, i spiced it up a little! I'm sure you are all aware how crazy everyone is going over tartan at the moment, so i thought i'd just jump on in there! With the tartan shirt beneath the leather dress (it rained lots on the walk to uni and it turns out it is also waterproof ha!) this outfit feels very me and i felt a little bit of a trend setter hehe! I had the daily navy or black tights debate with this one too - settled with navy but i'm starting to think that black would have been more appropriate!

Anyway, enough of my innane chit chat! Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies! Speak soon!


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