Thursday, 10 October 2013

Red Leather & Chunky Jumper

Red Leather & Chunky Jumper

Jumper // Knitted by my mum
Skirt // Primark (still in store!)
Shoes // Dr Marten
Necklace // ZARA (Birthday Gift!)

Okay, so some of these photos are seriously blurry. My camera is being pretty temperamental at the moment, and manual focus is pretty terrible when combined with a self timer and run-into-position-in-10-seconds manoeuvre. But yes, at least i took photos today! And lots of them too, it would seem! I'm not feeling vain or anything, its just that i have a nice quiet night in so needed an excuse to blog the night away! 

Its finally started to get a bit chilly up North now - which means snuggly jumpers and fat chunky coats HURRAH! I hate the inbetween stage of summer and autumn because it is so hard to dress appropriately so yay for a chill in the air! Most people are moaning and groaning but not me... yet! Plus our student accommodation is so hot i'm actually beginning to believe that it was built directly over the fiery pits of Hell. Yes its that hot. So any cold spell is more than welcome!

My brand new Primark faux leather skirt made an appearance today, teemed with my favourite jumper and the best gold shoes IN THE ENTRIE WORLD. Appropriate for the chillier days ahead i think! 



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