Saturday, 5 October 2013

Primark, Primark and Something a bit Special

So as i have probably mentioned multiple times, it was my birthday last week! So what better way to spend treat oneself than a mini shopping trip?! I was given some money from my nan and my dad (so so kind of you both, thanks!) so i decided to have a sneaky trip to Primark, and then go on to buy an item (or pair if you like ;D) that i have been lusting after for many a month!

Primark // £10

Primark // £15

Dr Martens // £85 // £76 with Student Discount!

I've been wanting a red leather skirt for ages, and at £10 i couldn't put this back on the rail could i?! Granted, it isn't real leather, but again, at £10...
This will look so cute with the winter woolies and a pair of boots - money well spent!

And this other Primark gem, the tartan dress, is so cute. I didn't want a red one because i defiantely wear too much red, so this navy blue/green alternative was perfect! I'd love to wear this with bright red tights for a colourful daytime look or navy blue for a more formal occassion. I have a feeling that just about everyone in the world will be wearing this soon, but it fits so perfectly and looks super cute on so i had to add it to the shopping bag!

And last, but most certainly not least, my new Dr Marten Shoes! I have been wanting these beauties for so long, and now that i have actually taken the jump and bought them i am so happy! They are perfect in every way. They fit like special little foot gloves and will go with practically everything i own. Including the two new items above - half an outfit already sorted! The assistants in the store were lovely and very helpful too which made the experience much more pleasant - all in all a successful day spending!

What do you think of my new purchases?! Have you bought anything lovely recently?!

Laters xo

p.s. my bedding is awesome. I can plan my London trips from the comfort of my bed. Jealous? Asda special. Go buy now. 

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