Thursday, 17 October 2013

Granny Jumper

Granny Jumper

Jumper // Vintage (eBay)
Wooly Tights // Matalan
Shoes // Dr Marten // available here
Necklace // Topshop 
Belt // Miss Selfridge

Okay, so this jumper isn't exactly a dress. But it isn't that short and i'm wearing very thick tights i promise! There is a chill in the air so what is more perfect to wear than a chunky jumper and lovely thick tights? A onesie, thats all, and it can't wear that to my Fashion History Lecture unfortunately... 

I found this amazing jumper on eBay a while back, i find its great for vintage bargains and one-off pieces! Without eBay, my wardrobe would be significantly smaller. I threw on the belt last minute - without it i felt that something was missing, i think the belt brings it together as an outfit really well! 

I bought the necklace instore at Topshop in the AMAZING sale! I like it's quirkiness and delicacy especially, its about time i stepped away from my hoards of primark jewellery!

How is your day going? And what are you wearing to fight of this winter chill that has come round all of a sudden?!



  1. You are so adorable and this makes me want a cream knit so badly! You complain about your Primark jewelry but here in the States, my friends and I want one desperately!

    xo Ashley

    1. Thats really kind thank you! Nothing is more perfect for winter than a pale chunky knit, i promise! Thats true, i do moan about it but i'm sure i'd miss it if it were gone - i'm sure it won't be long before the Primark bug spreads across the Atlantic! xo