Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Denim Rainbow

Denim Rainbow

Dress // Topshop
Tights // House of Holland 
Shoes // Topshop
Necklace // Primark

Happy Wednesday lovelies! It has officially reached that day of the week where it is socially acceptable to start planning for the weekend, outfits included! I tend to start around Monday midday but i leave it 'till Wednesday to voice my views ;D
I'm suprised by how well these photos came out considering how ill i was feeling (and am still feeling *sob*) at the time! I was lounging in my poorly bed when a trip to Topshop was offered to me. As the sale has literally JUST started, i couldn't say no, so sacrificed my health, education and food money on a good old Topshop splurge. Oh my days its heavenly in there, guys!

So this is what i threw on in the 10 minutes time gap i had to get ready. This denim dress is one of my favourites because it requires no effort and is nice and cosy when you're feeling a little brittle. These tights are so bright and colourful, Henry Holland tights are ALWAYS in my local TKMaxx so keep your eyes peeled, and go well with the denim whilst giving in a little 'Bryony' touch of rainbow goodness! I do understand and am completely aware that i look like an overgrown child in this outfit but i'm poorly so i'm allowed!

Hand me over a lemsip?!


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