Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Beth's Nails - Retro Mania

Rimmel London Retro Mania Inspired Nails

You will need:
Rimmel London - Ruby Crush // available here
Rimmel London - Heart on Fire // available here
Pink Tease - Black Nail Striper // available here
Base and Topcoat // available here

Whilst flicking through Elle magazine I came across this ad for Rimmel London’s new Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara, but obviously it wasn’t the eye makeup that caught my attention, it was the amazing nails! I love how bordered nails look but had never thought of adding a half moon as well, so armed with my inspiration I consulted my nail polish collection and came up with a red glittery take on this idea. It seemed only right to use Rimmel polishes for this design!

I forgot to take step by step photos for this one, but it’s pretty simple to do. Start with red nails and add a couple of coats of the ruby crush glitter. When this has dried use the nail striper or a thin brush dipped into black polish to draw a border around each nail, just paint a line down each side of the nail and then add a line at the tip and a line at the base. Then create a curve at the bottom of the nail like a semi-circle and fill this in with black. And you’re done!

Finished Result

Admittedly this design can be a bit fiddly and it’s a bit difficult to make it super neat. However, if you take your time it should turn out great! Try using different colours for the base and create your own ‘retro’ look :) 


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