Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beth's Nails - Droplets


You Will Need:
Rimmel London - Midnight Blue // available here
Revlon - Blue Lagoon // available here
Base and Topcoat // available here
Dotting Tools // available here

I decided to do something quite simple this week, sometimes simple is best! All you need to create the dotted gradient is some dotting tools, I got mine on amazon and they’re really cheap!

Start with a light blue base and when this has dried start adding the dots in a dark blue. I used two different sized dotting tools, the bigger one for the tip and the smaller one for midway down the nail. If you’ve never used dotting tools before all you have to do is coat the end of the tool with nail polish and then press it onto the nail to create a neat round dot. You want to try and concentrate the dots towards the tip and then make them further apart as you work down to create the gradient.

Finished Result 

This design was pretty quick to do and the best bit is you don’t have to be perfect with the placement of the dots, accuracy isn’t an issue here! If you don’t have any dotting tools there are loads of things you can use instead to make dots, pretty much anything with a rounded end will work. In the past I’ve used pencils, the bobbly bit on the ends of hairgrips, the ends of paintbrushes and toothpicks. I also think this would look great with a glitter topcoat, what would your take be on this design? More coming up soon! :)


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