Sunday, 27 October 2013


This week has most definitely been MY week. Blogwise i'm on a roll! And it all kicked off with a tremendously exciting email from the lovely people at ASOS!
I was selected to be part of the first intake for the ASOS insiders - a place on the internet reserved for the most hardcore of ASOS fans!
Yes, ME! Little 'ol me!
I am, of course, completely thrilled because I adore ASOS!
 I love their clothes - so many sparkles and literally something for everyone which makes it just perfect, and their customer service is second to none! In addition, their commitment to ASOS fans through the #AccessAllASOS Insiders scheme goes to show how much they respect their customers and how they want to make it a great experience to shop with them!
Bravo ASOS!
I received my welcome email before my goodie box (put my address as my home address instead of uni so post takes double the time eeek!) so was trawling through the twitter streams of other ASOS insiders wondering what glorious goodies I would be receiving!
And guess what? They got mine SPOT ON. See for yourself! (note: I was too excitedly tearing the package open to take any photos of their pretty packaging, I do apologise - but what was inside trumps the outside I assure you!)
The handwritten note was such a lovely touch, the package was just an adorable gesture! Alongside a pot of Models Own nail beads that I am DYING to try out, was a beautiful sparkly holographic skinny belt (its fabuuuulous!) and a fortune cookie that i'm really hoping comes true!
I feel so so blessed and humbled to have been selected for this, it means a lot that my blog is finally being recognised and that people actually care about my thoughts and opinions! I just hope this good fortune continues!
I have since received a second 'spooky' package from the lovely team at ASOS, but have yet to open it as it is at home and I am not! But on Tuesday I will rip it open and give you all the goss! Oohh so much anticipation!
And the next challenge is something I have ALL my fingers AND toes crossed for me to be selected to take part in! All i'll say now is SPARKLE and PARTY. Anyone who knows me and/or reads my blog knows how perfect this would be for me, lets hope the lovelies at #AccessAllASOS agree! I'd love to show 'em all a bit of my styling skills!
To all my fellow ASOS insiders - Welcome and Well Done!
To all the lovelies who didn't make it this time or didn't apply - applications are open for 2014 so get to it - click here to apply!
Thanks for all your continued support you gorgeous people!
p.s apologies for the post being a bit mumble jumbled - I was so desperate to share with you all the good news, that grammar didn't seem to matter to me ha!

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