Tuesday, 24 September 2013



Tartan Shirt // George at ASDA // online here
'Wonderfit' Jeans // George at ASDA // online here
Shoes // Topshop
Necklace // Primark

First outfit post from my uni room! Its nice to actually have a space that i can photograph in, compared to my brightly coloured and cluttered walls at home! 
And isn't uni crazy?! This Freshers malarky is hard work, not to mention completely mind boggling in every way, i think its going to be quite a while until i can adjust to this city life! 
This is the first day that i have had the time/energy to do any outfit photographing, so i do apologise that it isn't one of my best! This was just a casual, easy look to enable me to leave the flat in something other than my jim jams! Here, i am wearing my favourite favourite FAVOURITE 'wonderfit' jeans (as mentioned in yesterdays post ;D) combined with another Asda beauty, this tartan shirt! Usually i button my shirts up to the top and all that jazz, but i decided to spice it up a little today, and went for a more relaxed styling, can't decide if its me or not yet! 
I'm like a walking advert for George at ASDA!

As i write this, i am feeling very nervous for my first proper day of lectures at university tomorrow. Wish me luck! Though by the time this has been posted (thanks the loooord for hootsuite!) that fated day will be done and dusted and hopefully i will be feeling a lot less nervous about the whole thing!

Wish me luck lovelies, and to any other Freshers out there... GOOD LUCK AND BE YOURSELF!


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