Friday, 6 September 2013

Searching For Those Cat-Eye Flicks

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Thick and Thin Eyeliner

I am lost without a flicks of liquid eyeliner to define my eyes - well my eyes are pretty lost without it too! LITERALLY!

As an eyeliner fanatic, i can be very picky and i have very specific requests when it comes to eyeliner. 
It must:
-Draw on easily/no need to go over it to intensify the colour
-Very pigmented - a deep black please!
-Not smudge with everyday wear. I swear some of them smudge all by themselves!
-Last a whole day without reapplication
-For the whole pot to last me longer than a couple of weeks!

I know that probably sounds like a lot to ask, but surely there must be the perfect one out there for fussy ol' me?!

I've seen the Scandal Eyes collection by Rimmel advertised in a huge variety of fashion and beauty mags, so i caved to the overwhelming pressure of the advertisement industry and bought the liquid eyeliner in my local Boots. 
At £5.49 i had high hopes, but as we all know, price doesn't always equate to quality. 
I was super excited to try this, so went straight in and created my iconic flicks. The pen drew a lovely smooth line making it look effortless and take mere seconds to apply. I like the felt-pen idea because it means you can add definition without liquid splatting off in all directions or a brush separating apart which makes drawing a smooth thin line near impossible. 

So that was the one good point i found about this Rimmel Eyeliner. The rest aren't so cheery i'm afraid my dears!
As you can see on the swatches on my hand, the colour isn't very thick or pigmented, it was a little feeble if i am honest! I have had to do several layers to create a dark line round my eyes, and as some of you may have found from your own experiences, when drawing on top, i can often smudge or remove the original line, which defeats the object! 

Another point to note, it smudges terribly. I have had to reapply this eyeliner on several occasions throughout the day without even rubbing or touching my eyes at all. It smears across the lid creating a murky mess before it disappears into the depths of my skin cells entirely! 

So overall, i was not at all happy with this eyeliner, despite the exciting adverts and great packaging, which makes me super sad!


If you still want to try the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner, you can buy in online here! 

Have you tried this item? What were your thoughts?! And any recommendations for my next eyeliner escapade?!


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