Thursday, 26 September 2013

Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue

Cropped Jumper // Topshop
Shirt // Miss Selfridge
Trousers // H&M
Creeper Shoes // Independent store in Brighton
Bag // Dune
Necklace // Primark

Yes, i am aware that this jumper makes me look quite dumpy, but WHO CARES. Thats my new philosophy at uni - judgers gonna judge!
Yeah, i'll walk around pulling a multicoloured granny trolley with me, and what?! I'm loving this new, much more me, me! No more people pleasing, no more conforming, i'm going to be me and nothing else! 

Anyway, enough of that philosophical rubbish and back to the important stuff - fashion! ha!
So i obviously survived my first proper day of my course at uni, it was good and i'm so excited to get started with the projects now! This week we have been instructed to photograph Newcastle, so photograph i did! And, coincidentally, this is what i wore! I find September/October particularly hard to dress for because the weather becomes so changeable and the temperature is very difficult to predict! So i opted for layers and some jazzy trousers which did the job quite nicely!
The red creepers stop this outfit from becoming TOO blue, and who doesn't love a good pair of red shoes? hint: noone. 

p.s these images demonstrate the severity of my bow-legged-ness. Not cool. 


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