Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Beth's Nails - Marble Madness

So a lot of change is happening currently to me and a lot of my friends too. University! This week was Beth's turn to do the big move onto higher education so to give her a little chance to settle in and get to grips with her new surroundings, I have asked one of my lovely new flatmates to step in this week and show off one of her favourite nail art techniques! Michaela has chosen the amazing marbling technique to show you all, its a stunner i promise!

Water Marbling

You will need:
Barry M Nail Paint - Raspberry // available here
Barry M Nails Paint - Red Wine // available here
Barry M Nail Paint - Matt White // available here
Toothpick/cocktail stick (anything pointy!)
Plastic cup filled with cold water


Nail Polish Remover 
Cotton Buds


So this nail art is super easy. Michaela applied a base coat of the Raspberry Barry M Nail Paint, allowed it to dry and then used sellotape to cover the skin surrounding the nail that she chose to do the marbling accent onto. With the cup of water in hand, she gently dropped small amounts of her chosen nail polish colours onto the waters surface, creating a lovely kaleidoscope effect. Using the cocktail stick, the nail polish was carefully dragged across the surface of the water to create a gorgeous rippling marbled effect. When satisfied with the polish pattern on the water's surface, Michaela placed the finger, nail faced down, into the water onto the marbled pattern. Holding her finger under the water for several seconds, she then blew onto the surface of the water. This allows the excess nail polish pattern to dry, enabling you to then use a cotton bud to easily collect up said excess polish, all whilst the finger nail is still submerged!
Once the nail polish from the surface has been removed, the nail can be lifted from the water, revealing a great marbled design! Michaela proceeded to peeling off the sellotape and, using a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover, tidied up the edges to create a beautiful and very unique accent nail!

Finished Result

How lovely is this marbling idea? And didn't Michaela do an awesome job as surrogate Beth? You can recreate this design using all different colours, maybe try some metallics or glittery varnishes to create a whole different look! Super easy too, winner!

This post isn't as eloquent and well put together as Beth's are, its down to my dodgy photography and babbling writing! Hopefully Beth will be back with some exciting new nail art designs to wow you with soon, so do keep watching lovelies! 

Have you tried the marbling technique?! How did it work out?! Feel free to leave a comment!

Laters xo

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