Monday, 5 August 2013

IlCentimetro Tape Measure Bracelet

Il Centimetro Tape Measure Bracelet

 Antarctic White // £40
 Queen Gold // £55
Jungle Camo // £40
Red Gold // £55

//images courtesy of ilcentimetro//

I discovered this amazing jewellery brand recently and i literally cannot stop thinking about these amazing bracelets, so i HAD to make them today's Desire of the Day!
Maybe these appeal to me so much because i am a Fashion Design student so it seems very appropriate, but even so, these are undeniably beautiful! Handcrafted from authentic soft leather and digitally printed with the quirky tape measure detailing - these statement bracelets will make gorgeous wrist candy for every Fashionista! The gold clasp breaks up the leather and is a great feature that makes them look expensive also gives the bracelet some substance and structure.

Well i am besotted for sure, what do you lovely lot think? Head over heels? You'd be crazy not to!



  1. I had to post about these the other day too as I couldn't stop thinking about them! :)
    I'm also a fellow Fashion Design student and they are perfect! <3

    1. Great minds think alike! haha! It all makes sense now - clearly they are a Fashion Student's must have!!
      And your blog is beautiful!