Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Beth's Nails - Back to Basics

This week I did three really easy designs on my nails and as they were so simple to do I thought I’d show you all of them! The first look is a gradient effect, the second a textured velvet accent design and the third a colourful take on the Louboutin manicure. 


You Will Need:
BarryM - Racing Green // Available Here
Rimmel London - Block Your Green // Available Here
Rimmel London - Pear Drop // Available Here
BarryM - Mint Green // Available Here
Revlon - White On White // Available Here
Rimmel London - Rock Your Colour Glitter Topcoat // Available Here
Base Coat // Available Here

I love gradient nail art and though I often like to create a blended ombre on each nail, this week I felt like creating the gradient across all the nails. This requires no freehand work or nail art skill at all, simply pick five polishes in different shades of a colour of your choice and paint each nail with a different shade starting from light to dark. I used the colours mentioned above, but this will work with any colour as long as you have a few different shades. I also added my favourite glitter topcoat for a sparkly finish!

Fur Effect Accent

You Will Need:
Rimmel London - My Denim // Available Here
Loreal Paris - no. 603 // Available Here
MUA - Fur-Effect Nails in ‘Fluff & Cuddles’ // Available Here
Nail Jewels/Rhinestones // Available Here
Base and Topcoat // Available Here

I love playing with texture when it comes to nail art and of my favourite textured nail effects is the fur or velvet effect. I think the velvet look is really unusual and great for creating a contrasting accent nail. Begin by painting you accent nail pink and the rest of them blue. I’m loving this blue by Rimmel London, a new purchase this week! After this has dried, do another coat of pink on the accent nail and while it is still wet sprinkle the fur powder onto the nail. Gently press it down so that it sticks, then just brush off the excess powder. I also added a few rhinestones to the accent nails to make them a little more special! Simply add a dot of topcoat to the nail to stick on the gem.

Louboutin Inspired Manicure

You Will Need:
Rimmel London - You’re a Cracker // Available Here
BarryM - Mint Green // Available Here
Base and Topcoat // Available Here

This is a nail art trend I am completely in love with inspired by the classic Louboutin shoes with the red soles. So understandably this design is usually seen in black and red but I felt that was just a little too obvious. I decided to go for bright orange and mint green, one of my favourite colour combinations!

To recreate this look begin by painting underneath each nail with the orange polish. This can be a little messy but don’t worry if you get some of the orange on your skin, you can soak it off on warm water when your nails are dry. Then paint your nails with the mint polish as you would normally. Simple as that! If your nails aren’t long enough to do this you could always use false ones, I think this could look amazing in black and silver with a matte and metallic combination, what colours would you chose to recreate this design?

I hope you enjoyed these designs, which of the three is your favourite?
More coming up next week! :)



  1. I've book marked this for later! ^_^ sooo useful, and I must be very behind in the nail world because I've never seen the L-B inspired ones but they look gorgeous!

    As do the fur ones, I've always thought they'd be too messy but I'll be giving this a go for sure after seeing how easy you've made it look :p
    The Blushing Giraffe | A New UK Beauty Blog

  2. Haha I only found out about the L.B manicure recently too, though apparently it's been around for a while! And yes, surprisingly the fur effect isn't too messy or annoying at all, it tends to be fairly durable as well!! :) Xxx

  3. I love the third one! X