Sunday, 7 July 2013

The beginning of the rest of my life

Its official! I got a Distinction in my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, which means i got into Northumbria University! 
So this is my new start! A new city, 6 hours away from home, and a flat full of strange new people who i hope will soon be my new best mates! I'm so excited, but so so nervous at the same time. I'm scared I won't fit in or that i won't be as good as the other students - silly futile worries, i know! And i KNOW everyone is in the same boat, so really i should just think positive!
Newcastle, here i come! haha!

If anyone is from Newcastle or familiar with the city, i'd love if you could comment or tweet me with any tips for living in the city, places to visit etc! Thanks you lovely lot!

And to anyone moving to university this year, or starting to apply - GOOD LUCK! Be yourself and you will always shine :)


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