Saturday, 13 July 2013

Swagger Chains

  // £2.50 //





Belt // £3



Went a bit jewellery mad in Primark this afternoon, can you tell?! I needed some more statement necklaces as at the moment i am turning into a one necklace wonder -boring. 
So i went a little crazy. Ok, a LOT crazy. But at like £3 a piece how could i resist?!
There are some amazing statement pieces in Primark at the moment, i would definitely recommend a visit!
When some of the necklaces scanned through the till, they were named 'Swagger Chains' so simply couldn't resist dedicating this post to the brilliance of the Swagger Chains! I feel so badass. *shuffles along with trousers around knees* Ok, this isn't for me.
The jewellery certainly is though!

Each of these beauties has the power to make an outfit look so much more than it is. Turning a pair of jeans and a tshirt into a hot date outfit - the power of the statement necklace! Accessories are a huge part of an outfit, so sometimes investing in a few great pieces can be very worthwhile if you are a budding fashionista like myself. 

What are your thoughts on these great pieces? Has Primark got it right?!


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