Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dolce&Gabbana inspired Playsuit

Playsuit // TKMaxx
Necklace // Primark - featured in my recent 'Swagger Chains' post
Bag // TKMaxx
Nail Polish // Barry M 'Key Lime' Gelly Nail Paint
Ring with Turquiose // Passed down to me from my Grandma
Knotted Ring // Camden Market

Well its another gorgeous day where i am, how about you?! A lazy Sunday is today's agenda. 
As i am planning on just lazing around all day, i threw on this playsuit, which always reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana because of the beautiful print - in reality it was a TKMaxx bargain. I love playsuits in the summer because they are so easy to wear and look great even with a bikini hidden beneath! And in this one, it doesn't matter if i'm having a fat day! Yay for loose fabric and a flattering waistline!
I teemed the playsuit with one of my new Primark necklaces, which you can see here in my latest Primark Haul Post. I think this necklace looks quite expensive despite its £4 price tag, and it compliments the crazy colour combination of the playsuit. 
I finished it all off with my new coral coloured bag that will just be PERFECT for holiday because it goes with everything and it means i don't carry too much unnecessary things around with me! Such a great summer colour! And it was a bargain at £12.99!
My nail polish of today is 'Key Lime' Gelly nail paint by Barry M. I bought this colour as a bit of a risk, as green isn't often a desired nail colour. I was, however, pleasantly surprised at the outcome! The pale green is fresh and vibrant, looks great with a bit of a tan too! 

Oh and to explain the no shoes thing? Today is a lazy day so shoes are optional - i was about to pop on a pair of grotty old flip flops but thought you wouldn't want to see that!

On another note, i was so saddened to wake up this morning to the news that Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson from Glee, died in a hotel in Vancouver last night. The have not yet confirmed the cause of death, but his battle with drug addiction, and the fact that he was out partying with friends earlier that night, suggests that an overdose could be the cause. It is such tragic news, and a huge waste of life and talent. But what we have to  remember is that people die from drug addiction on a daily basis, it is something that has affected my family personally so i know the futility of the situation and the pain it causes to those around the victim. It doesn't have to happen! Drugs aren't cool. Abusing a substance, be it alcohol, cocaine, heroin etc is a serious issue and it needs to be addressed. There are thousands of organisations out there that can deliver help to those that require it and can change addicts lives around. There shouldn't be social stigma regarding addiction, people who need help should be able to get it without receiving judgment or abuse from others who don't know the whole situation. I'm very sorry for the rant, but i feel that a terrible incident like this should open our eyes to such a worldwide issue. My mother runs a rehab in Weston, and has a great blog within which she rants about addiction and other related issues in a very readable and often humourous way. Go check it out, you might be surprised at the things you'll learn!
RIP Cory, and all my love to his friends and family. 


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