Wednesday, 3 July 2013

"Destined to be a Well-Dressed Beggar"

Payday and the Topshop Sale coincided a bit too perfectly. AND i'm supposed to be saving for university. CRUEL CRUEL WORLD! I've been holding off from buying anything for a weeks or so now, because when something runs out in my size i tell myself it is 'fate' and 'wasn't meant to be'. However, when something remains in my size for a good week, i know it is a match made in heaven! 
This is IT. I will spend no more money on clothes before uni! Well, apart from buying a pair of skinny black jeans which i NEED. Yes? You can hold me to that. Fabric DOESN'T count, okay?!
Oh dear, i was destined to be a well-dressed beggar. 

Cobalt Crop Sweat / here
Bright Leaf Print Pencil Skirt / here
Waterdot Check Crop Dungarees / here
Tall Crop Sweat in Off White / here

I will do another post when i receive these items, reviewing them and hopefully showing them off to you all!! As you can probably tell i am into very statement items - i'm no Plain Jane thats for sure! 

p.s. If i end up returning any of these items, contract detailed above becomes null and void. Capishe?!

Fallen in love in the sales? What items in the Topshop sale are you lusting over?! Comment on this post, i'd love to hear your thoughts!


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