Friday, 12 July 2013

Crop Dungarees

Dungarees // Topshop 
Strapless top // New Look
Gold Shoes // TKMaxx
Handbag // TKMaxx - Dune
Sunglasses // TKMaxx - Gant
Belt // Primark

I am seriously the most un-photogenic person on this planet. And i'm glad my hair jazzed up a little as i walking around today, so so flat! 
But today was the loveliest day! I went up to Bristol with my mum, explored St Nicholas Market and dined like queens! I also scheduled in a little raid of Primark, if they have any jewellery left on their shelves after my visit i would be surprised! *shifty eyes*
And so warm again! Its like being on holiday everyday - i love it!

And in regards to the outfit, these is the amazing Topshop Dungarees i posted about buying a weekish ago. I love them! They are so perfect for this weather, the fabric is light and loose which kept me cool all day despite the searing heat. I personal like wearing it with one strap down, as shown in the bottom image of the 2, as it is more stylised, but it looks great either way so its a rather versatile piece! These dungarees are still available in the Topshop sale here at a jaw-dropping price of £25!

The TKMaxx Dune bag has quite a story behind it as well as being the cutest little handbag i have ever laid my eyes on!
 I bought it yesterday (i will upload a TKMaxx haul post shortly!) using the voucher i received for being 'Student of the Year' *cue angelic smile*, or so i had thought! I got home, looked at the receipt as i also seem to do, and they hadn't charged me for it! The guilt i felt was immense, and it hadn't even been my fault! AND it meant that my voucher hadn't even been spent on that particular bag, sob. Many people were surprised, but i immediately went back to the store to rectify the issue, paying for the item that i hadn't been charged for. The cashier was amazed at my honesty and was very complimentary, which reinforced that i had done the right thing. Noone got in trouble which made me really happy, because it is a mistake that is so easily made. 
My bag may not represent my Student of the Year achievement, but instead it symbolises my honesty and good will which at the end of the day is a much more important thing.

What would you do in this situation? Is honesty the only option, or is the prospect of a free bag too tempting?! I'd love to hear your views on the topic!



  1. Wow, you look so good. I love the whole outfit, I just love how you can rock that retro look too! And don't be daft about being unphotogenic. You look great! Xx

    1. Aww thanks so much, thats really kind! I love a bit of retro - i think its the hair haha! xo