Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bee and Honeycomb

Bill Skinner's Bee and Honeycomb Collection 

I discovered the amazing work of Bill Skinner whilst i was scouring through the latest Sunday Times Style Mag. I was instantly drawn to the whimsical bee and honeycomb ring on the magazine page and had to look him up! My nickname has always been 'Bee' and my father keeps Honey bees - so it couldn't be more appropriate! 
Click here to view the collection on the website!
Heres a closer look at some of the gorgeous and very quirky pieces in the collection...

 ring // £65
bracelet // £85

 bracelet // £85
 ring // £65

//images courtesy of billskinnerstudio.co.uk//

They are just so loveable! I love a bit of gold too, it goes with everything!
I was tempted to ask my dad for it for my birthday, but then knowing my dad, i thought again. He would look at the said item, and then go onto eBay to find a 'antique' alternative which would be much less attractive and i'd be scared to wear it! ha! I have nothing against eBay, or finding a good bargain and he does it with the best intentions - but sometimes you just have your heart set on something in particular, do you get me?! So instead i will sit and wait, hoping that my Fairy Godmother will leave the little treat on my pillow! A girl can dream ey!


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