Thursday, 11 July 2013

ASOS Embroidered Biker Jacket

ASOS Premium Biker Jacket with Allover Embroidery and Mirror Applique

ASOS / £200

//images courtesy of ASOS//

This amazing embroidered jacket is available on the ASOS website here.

This is a jacket that could be worn almost every day for years and years. The edgy biker jacket cut gives it a stylish and timeless look, whilst the amazing embroidery, applique and fringing creates beautiful detail that would enhance any and every outfit. Anyone that knows me knows that i am a sucker for fringing, so this was instantly a winner. It toughens up the delicate detailing, creating a powerful juxtaposition which is what makes it such a beautiful statement piece.
There are lots of cheaper alternatives to this style on the high street at the moment, but i think this one looks much better quality and the mirrored applique as well as the fine detailed stitching makes it look more expensive and the quality looks fantastic. 
This would look fab with a pair or cutoffs and a tshirt for a casual daytime look (maybe even a pair of cowboy boots to tie in the western style fringing at the back which is to die for!). Alternatively it could be layered over a summer dress with stacked jewellery for a more exotic, dressed up look!

The only thing stopping me from snapping up this stunning piece is the hefty price tag - i'm sure it is worth the money, unfortunately i am not says my bank account!
This was a serious contender for my next purchase but unfortunately i have just had to fork out a £250 deposit on Halls of Residence at Uni! However, i had to share this gorgeous piece with you all, and if any of you end up with this item, tweet me a pic so i can feel both proud and jealous at the same time ;)


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