Thursday, 18 July 2013

Above Knuckle Midi Rings

Black Tied Above Knuckle Midi Rings

 //Gold Above Knuckle Rings - Available online here // £12 //

//Gold Plated Twisted Above Knuckle Rings - Available online here // £12 //

 //Sterling Silver Above Knuckle Rings - Available online here // £12 //

Knuckle rings HAVE to be my chosen jewellery trend for this summer. I love the stacked rings look, hence why this is probably so appealing to me! Fingers are such delicate things, why shouldn't they be adorned to high heavens?! 
I found these beauties on the wonderful Black Tied website. At £12 for a pair of rings, it is hard to say no! I love how there is a variety of different styles and metals, because it gives you the freedom to choose something particular to you, making it even more special! I personally would go for the classic gold, as all my other jewellery is gold they look more vintage which is always a plus in my book!
Some of the rings have an open back for a more comfortable fit, which is a good idea, especially if you have larger fingers or problems with circulation!
I'm in love with them! *adds to mental shopping basket*

Check out the Black Tied website - there is a huge selection of quirky, original jewellery pieces that won't cost the Earth! The rings are seriously adorable, jus' sayin'!

Would you try the Above Knuckle Ring trend?! 


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