Saturday, 29 June 2013

What's in My Handbag.. ?

MoneySupermarket have launched another fabulous competition for us all! The Mission? Create your  very own 'What's in Your Handbag' post - simples! All the deets are here -the top prize is 3 amazing Mulberry items, what could be more perfect?!

So... here we go!

This is my trusty everyday bag. It literally goes everywhere with me. I got it as a gift for my birthday a couple of years ago, i spotted it at TKMaxx, fell in love with it and my adorable mum went back and got it for me - i'm ever so good at hinting ;) I think it was around £30-£40. It is real leather and has 3 internal compartments that make it extra useful! The original make of the bag is Modalu.

Living in England has taught me that you can't go anywhere without backup. I introduce.. the Pac a mac! This lovely one is a recent Primark purchase, for a teeny tiny £9! The duck print is adorable and makes the standard Pac a mac much more fashionista-friendly!

Call me a Bookworm, but i can't go anywhere without a book in hand. These are my 2 current reads - Confessions of a Fashionista and Lord of the Rings. I think this selection sums up my wildly eclectic persona in a nutshell! Confessions is an easy yet hilarious read - the tale of Angela Clarke's rise to fashion fame, no details spared! Catty, Cringey and Fabulous, every girl should read this! And the lord of the Rings? Adventure, fantasy and it inspires my imagination! With these two books i'm covered for every situation and mood! Sorted! £6.99 each!

As a fashion student, I always carry with me a cute purse with scissors, pins, thread and needles as I often find i need them at the most unexpected of moments! I like to be extra prepared! I estimate that the total cost of the bag and it's contents would be around £30.

Jaeger purse - TO DIE FOR. I have had this for almost 5 years now, it has been through many accidents - milkshake spillages, water leakages and leaving it in Staples on the shelf with the portfolios, but it is still a beautiful and ever so useful item. Its bulging at the seams - not from money unfortunately, instead it is due to my obsession with collecting all my old train tickets, i have a huge wad of them crammed in the money compartment! I'm yet to find a creative purpose for them, so they will stay there until! The cost of the purse was around £100 (it was a gift) and though the tickets themselves have no value, the cost of the travel they represent sure does! haha!

The case always makes these £16 Topshop glasses look so much more expensive! The Gucci case came free with a pair of sunglasses at TKMaxx (if you buy a pair of sunglasses you get a free case of your choice - win!) instant style points haha ;) These sunglasses are fab, they suit most face shapes and look much more sophisticated than their teeny weeny price tag would suggest! Similar here

Mini sketchbook for any snippets of inspiration that i MUST capture - £5.
Brand new iPod Nano, it is around £120, expensive but so worth it! The 16GB capacity makes it perfect to store all the old rock classics and the top ten hits for a crazy shuffle experience! There are some great deals at Argos at the moment, money off, free cases etc - fab if you are looking for a new iPod! And it is especially for sport which is an encouragement to run once in a while haha! 
And you can't forget the car keys! I have a crazy amount of keys on this keychain, this is down to me owning a 1958 Morris Minor, each key unlocks a different door or compartment, which is tricky when its dark hah! I couldn't put a price on this set of keys, i would be truly screwed if i lost them and because of the age of the car i doubt half of them would even be able to be replaced - so safe they must stay!

Next up is the beauty essentials! Smashbox lipstick in Infared Matte - I am nothing without my red lipstick and this one is a winner. It stays on all day and is a gorgeous deep red colour - £15. And to keep the lips soft in between the lashings of lipstick I have the Vaseline Hydro Care and Pink bubbly! Both are beautifully moisturising and mere pennies - these two together would cost less than a fiver! I'd highly recommend!

You are on a bus, train, coach with a friend. You get bored as the time passes, what could you do?! Whack out the Fashion Top Trump cards, thats what! These are great fun and i always keep them handy for a quick fix of entertainment! Must like classic top trumps, these cards compare iconic garments by the World's top designers and score them against eachother on categories such as 'Price' and 'Red Carpet Wow-Factor' - Such fun!

And to finish? My beloved Nikon D3100. I was not able to capture the camera itself as i was using the camera to take the photos! I do lots of photography so investing in this beauty was a definite must. I love it and would recommend it to any amateur photographer who loves to capture stunning moments. I like to keep it on me because the quality is so much better than my phone camera and it enables me to save good quality photos which i can then get printed properly to store or present. It was around £500 for this hunk of technology - pricey but worth it in my eyes after all the use i have got out of it!
That reminds me, i forgot my phone! HTC smartphone - £200 ish! I have it on contract so the exact price of the phone is unknown to me. It does the job and has all the additional extras of other smartphones but at a fraction of the price, who needs iPhones, eh!? 

The Verdict:
This task has shown me how the contents of my handbag really adds up! I will definitely take so much more care of it now, I feel like it contains my life and soul! 
And as well as that I am now so eager to win the gorgeous Mulberry goodies, fingers and toes crossed and crossed again! And good luck to all you lovelies with your entries, Competition closes at Midnight on Monday 1st July, so get blogging!


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