Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Exhibition Madness!

Today was Weston College Exhibition Day!
The sun was shining and the drinks were flowing - a glorious evening in every way! But even I wasn't prepared for the huge volume of visitors to the Opening Night, it was like being on a crowded London Tube! 
It was lovely to be able to show off all our hard work, i'm so proud of EVERYONE for putting on such an amazing show, we did good!

Top / Topshop
Skirt / Michael Kors - TKMaxx
Shoes / D&G - TKMaxx
Necklace / Topshop
Skull Waist Belt / Primark
Watch / ICE

Today's outfit is PROOF of TKMaxx's bargains! Both designer items were practically steals from TKMaxx, how could i resist?!
I do look a little unimpressed -  I was shaking with nerves at the idea of the general public seeing all my hard work! Can you blame me?! 

My Exhibition

My exhibition was based on the topic of Addiction, focusing on both the mental and physical consequences of the debilitating disease. 

The above photo was me having my photo taken by the local newspaper!
I'm dreading seeing it in the paper next week, yet secretly a little bit excited, shh!

I'm feel so elated after this evening, all the praise and positive comments were a huge boost to my confidence that I really needed. Even the Mayor was impressed!

All in all a superb evening, well done everybody!


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