Thursday, 21 April 2016

Too Sassy For You

Top / M&S // Skirt / Depop // Jacket / Vintage // Sequin Cape / ASOS // Boots / Daisy Street @ ASOS

Felt so fabulous traipsing around Cribbs Causeway in this getup. You know those days when everything is going right and you feel like you have perfectly expressed your inner self with your outfit choice? Yeah, i was totes having one of those days! I need to wear more sequins, they have this way of transporting me to a happier place and making me feel like the ruddy Queen of England!

Cute little space boots huh?! Daisy Street at ASOS (link above) created this silvery beauties that i instantly bought and have been wearing ever since they arrive a couple of weeks ago! They are great transitional shoes, i have found, as i can go bare legged without feeling too exposed - perfect! And ASOS again made my heart skip a beat when i found the sequin cape in the New In section. Its subtle enough to not be all 'festival chic' but statement enough to be worn as an eye-catching neckpiece, as i have demonstrated here!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Frumpy Granny Days

Shirt / Vintage // Jumper / Sassy World Vintage // Necklace / Topshop // Skirt / M&S // Shoes / TKMaxx

Despite the negative-sounding title, i actually felt pretty fabulous strutting around ASDA in this get-up. It is only now, looking back at the photos and doing some much needed editing, that i see how frumpy i looked! That combined with the uncomfortableness in front of the lense makes for some awkward-ass photos! My Outfit Post comeback isn't having a good start! But baby steps eh?

So obsessed with the print clash currently, especially since acquiring this amazing zebra shirt, which you can see barely in this outfit, i swear it goes with EVERYTHING. Do i dare team it with a zebra skirt? Too much? Yeah, okay, i'll give that a miss! And this amazing pink check vintage jumper is my new favourite item. SassyWorld supplied me with this gorgeous, snuggly piece which i have found to be great for layering when its just a little chilly out there.

So glad the sun is finally gracing us with it's presence, loving getting the pastey legs out, luminous though they are! I am heading back to university this week for an internship, and i have been thinking how nice it is to be packing spring/summer clothes for Kent for a change, as usually i am heading back home to Somerset for summer by now! So i am looking forward to showing off my multicoloured summer fabulosity to the East Coast and the big city that is London.

Testing out this new technique for my photos, what are your thoughts? I think it creates a great theme, but i am up for suggestions! I have no photographer friends and most of my outfit photos are mirror selfies so this technique makes the bad photos look slightly more acceptable for you bloggy types!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

NEENAAW Hot Boots Alert...!

My ASOS addiction is getting a little bit out of hand. How can i tell? Well my daily browsing of the new in section has led to me being able to spot someone wearing ASOS from a mile off. Oh, and i own most of it too by now. That pom pom jacket? Not yet in the wardrobe but it is in the 'saved basket', so lets be honest, it won't be long.

Yesterday, my heart quite literally jumped when i spotted the most perfect pair of boots i have ever laid eyes on. Think 'Sassy Space Cowboy'. Take a look...

ASOS / £45 // available here

Aren't they just the coolest? There is also a black version for the more subtle and sophisticated types out there.
I'm struggling to justify buying them, considering i will be spending the next 3 months in India, but like surely i can't let these slip on by? 
*continue to checkout*
Go follow me on instagram @belizabethselway, and keep your eyes peeled to see how i style these lovely sass-boots!

Keep Sparklin'

Friday, 25 March 2016

An Indian Adventure

The ever so awkward and embarrassing little ol' Bryony is heading on a big adventure to India! *begins elaborate Indian dance, copied from the Pussycat Dolls' 'Jai Ho', hell yeah i'm cultured*

This incredible adventure is a result of a successful application to intern with the fabulous Manish Arora in New Delhi. Manish Arora is the Master of colour, sequins and fun exciting couture silhouettes. He is a designer i have followed for a number of years and i am overwhelmed with pride and joy that i will be working alongside this incredible man. 

Today I learned of the finer details of the internship, hence the blogpost and sudden flurry of nerves in my stomach. 6 days a week, 9am-6pm, isn't going to be a picnic, but the joy that design and pattern cutting brings me will hopefully make this an incredibly valuable experience.

I will be flying over on the weekend of the 9th of April, and staying in New Delhi until the end of June. In the heat of summer, i will hopefully be able to make a start on my summer tan, though looking at those work hours... maybe not!

Too many people have been quick to tell me of how dangerous it is for me to travel alone to such a place. I am aware, as a Western, Blonde Female, i will draw attention. But no, that does not mean i will be raped or kidnapped. There are bad people all over the world, in every city in ever country, and those who have actually been to India have spoken highly of the friendly Indians and their incredible zest for life. I hope to learn alot from this amazing culture and the wonderful people that exist within it.

I intend to keep an up-to-date blog of this adventure, for both personal and academic reasons. I would love to inspire other young creatives to aim high and reach out to those who inspire them, because guess what? It might just pay off. It certainly seems to have paid off for me!

I would love to hear from any other individuals who are or have explored the depths of India, and any recommendations for my time in New Delhi. 
Namaste - see, getting into the culture already!

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Metallic Shift Dress // ASOS // £75 // available here

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the sparkliest of them all?

Why YOU are! Well if you are wearing this metallic beauty, that is!

LOVE this dress. Simple, clean and sharp cut, it looks expensive and glamourous. Dress it down with tights and some chunky boots. Whack on the heels and voila, its time to party!

At £75 it could be considered slightly overpriced because of the basic shift cut, however, the elegance it exudes makes it look like it is worth significantly more!

Love it? How would you wear this number?!



Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What I Won't Be Wearing // Chokers

As my mum says, if you remember it the first time round, you shouldn't be wearing it the second. This is something i firmly believe in, unless we are talking Smartie-print Dr Martens because i am ALL OVER THAT SH*T.

Much to my dismay, the choker is back. When i think of a choker, it evokes images of dogs with collars, sex slaves and children's parties when you would get the plastic 'tattoo' chokers from special vending machines. None of those are things i want to be associated with now i am in my twenties. Though in many ways i do wish i could still be my choker-wearing 6 year old self! 

I think that is probably my only issue with chokers, because they are not PARTICULARLY offensive to the eye. Except for the ridiculous inch-thick velvet ones with victoriana-style embellishment. They are simply a crime to fashion. 
Though i do have a theory that chokers visually cut your neck in half, consequently making it look shorter and less elegant. I have a giraffe neck so that wouldn't be such an issue for myself, except i think i would draw attention to my multitude of chins. Never pretty. 

So no, i will never be seen wearing a choker.

p.s. please do not take offence to this post, this is a personal opinion for why I would not be wearing this item, and in no way reflects my opinion on how they look on other people. Wear what you like, screw the haters! 

What are your thoughts on the new choker craze?



Sunday, 7 September 2014

What She Wore // Spotted at LootVintage

Top // Topshop
Skirt // Topshop
Shoes // Massimo Dutti
Belt // Primark
Long Necklace // Jago in Tenby
Name Necklace // Tatty Devine

Due to my recent status as bedbound with tonsillitis, I have definitely not been up to taking any outfit snaps, but fortunately I woke up today to an Instagram photo that would most definitely do the job! 
Whilst waiting for a coach to visit my boyfriend in Bournemouth, I stumbled upon this lovely vintage shop, Loot Vintage, close to the Bristol Coach Station. I picked up a beautiful emerald green knitted and beaded jumper that will be PERFECT for for chilly season approaching, and a lovely knotted 80s nautical waist belt that just seems to work win every outfit in my wardrobe!

Whilst browsing the store, the assistant stopped to ask for a photo as she loved my colourful outfit, and wanted to share it with all of Loot's lovely Instagram followers! It is always such a lovely feeling when receiving compliments from strangers, so I was more than thrilled to awkwardly pose for a snap! And voila! The final images is above! Sorry about the poor quality - Instagram screenshot - guilty!

So many people commented on the neon orange skirt of this outfit over that weekend. Some asking where I got it, complimenting my style, and some jokers referencing the high-vis and traffic cone similarities. Hilarious. Either way, it made people notice me and my style, so that's a win in my books! It is a gorgeous perforated airtex-like fabric which stands away from the body really well, giving the effect of an underskirt without the bulk. A stretchy Lycra fitted underskirt helps to protect your modesty when the wind begins to blow and a Marilyn Monroe moment is imminent! Layering this long blouse over the skirt gave it a more streamline look and was an interesting way of working the statement skirt, making it more subtle. This top is the perfect staple for your wardrobe this season, the fabric is soft and delicate, and the high neck sits at a very elegant place at the neck, which makes it look much more expensive. Topshop also have this style in two different colours/prints so do take a look for some simple yet stylish dressing! 

Like the look?! Have you been style spotted lately?



Design Work // My Short Time at Northumbria

I have been saying ever since i began blogging that i really want to be able to share some of my uni work with you, but i've always been a bit embarrassed at the thought! But since i am about to start my new course at a new uni, i wanted to show off some of my best work from my short time studying Fashion Design at Northumbria. 

For this particular project that I am showing you a small part of, the brief was to take 3 separate components, bringing them together to create a 12 outfit collection, 6 womenswear and 6 menswear. I took the word 'envelope', Scottish Highlander's Military Uniform and  last but not least, wire linked fencing. A strange and very difficult combination to work with, which is no surprise! 

I was so proud of myself when handing in this project, it was my first time using programs such as Adobe Illustrator, so it was such a huge learning curve for me. And to my complete surprise i received a huge 90 for this project! (for anyone not familiar with the UK uni grading system, marks are given out of 100. 70+ equals First, 60+ equals 2:1, 50+ equals 2:2 etc etc) It was nice to end my year at Northumbria on a high and to know that it wasn't a complete waste!

p.s. sorry about the watermarks obscuring some of the finer details. I know how careful you have to be with posting work online, no matter how amateurish it is! If you click on the image you can view a bigger and better quality version! 

I hope you enjoyed the insight into my design-life!



Saturday, 6 September 2014

Eye Spy a New Trend // Longline Leather Shorts

I have no shame in admitting that i have been doing a lot of online shopping lately. I think its the sun setting a little earlier that is getting me into the autumn vibe and initiating an autumnal wardrobe upheaval! 
Whilst obsessively browsing the online high street, i began noticing these amazing variations of longline leather shorts cropping up all over the place. Drawstring, faux, real leather etc, there is an awful lot of choice! My personal faves are the ASOS pair, i love a bit of real leather PLUS i think the button up waistband looks very sophisticated and is slightly more versatile than the drawstring options. 
Leather is always a huge trend for A/W so these shorts are a no-brainer. They follow on from the amazing culotte trend of this summer and consequently make a fantastic transitional piece.
Go monochrome with a crisp white shirt or mix up the textures with a fluffy knit, the options are endless! As the chillier weather approaches, team with tights and boots for another entirely different look.

Are you loving the longline leather shorts? 
Spotted any sneaky new trends on the high street?!